astro-ph vom 2018-04-05

The ultraviolet study of B[e] stars: evidence for pulsations, LBV-type variations, and processes in envelope
Infrared spectroscopy of the merger candidate KIC 9832227
(Anm.: „… It has been predicted that the object KIC 9832227 – a contact binary star – will undergo a merger in 2022.2+/-0.7. …“)
A Data-driven Study of RR Lyrae Near-IR Light Curves: Principal Component Analysis, Robust Fits, and Metallicity Estimates
A Near-infrared RR Lyrae census along the southern Galactic plane: the Milky Way’s stellar fossil brought to light
Discovery of two eclipsing X-ray binaries in M51
Spatial variation of fundamental constants: testing models with thermonuclear supernovae

PGP-Fingerprint: 1E72 BFA1 0B12 168B 2DE0 9508 116E F5E9 DD86 77B1


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