astro-ph vom 2018-02-27 und 2018-02-28

Polarization as a probe of dusty environments around Type Ia supernovae: radiative transfer models for SN 2012dn
Instrumental effects in BRITE photometry
A surge of light at the birth of a supernova
On the type Ia supernovae 2007on and 2011iv: Evidence for Chandrasekhar-mass explosions at the faint end of the luminosity-width relationship
The nebular spectra of the transitional Type Ia Supernovae 2007on and 2011iv: broad, multiple components indicate aspherical explosion cores
Host Galaxy Effects in the Susy Model for Supernovae Ia
Radial velocities of RR Lyrae stars in and around NGC 6441
The overlooked role of stellar variability in LMC intermediate-age clusters
Binary Star Fractions from the LAMOST DR4
Orbital parameters and evolutionary status of the highly peculiar binary system HD 66051 (Anm.: HD 66051 = V414 Pup)

PGP-Fingerprint: 1E72 BFA1 0B12 168B 2DE0 9508 116E F5E9 DD86 77B1


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