astro-ph vom 2018-01-08

New Parallaxes of Galactic Cepheids from Spatially Scanning the Hubble Space Telescope: Implications for the Hubble Constant
Environmental Dependence of Type Ia Supernova Luminosities from a Sample without a Local-Global Difference in Host Star Formation
X-ray Light Curve and Spectra of Shock Breakout in a Wind
(Anm.: „We investigate the properties of X-ray emission from shock breakout of a supernova in a stellar wind. …“)
A mixed helium-oxygen shell in some core-collapse supernova progenitors
Infrared photometry of the dwarf nova V2051 Ophiuchi: I – The mass donor star and the distance
Scattering linear polarization of late-type active stars
SN2013fs and SN2013fr: Exploring the circumstellar-material diversity in Type II supernovae
Artificial Neural Network for Constructing Type Ia Supernovae Spectrum Evolution Model
Understanding Type Ia supernovae through their U-band spectra



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