astro-ph vom 2017-11-08

Modelling type IIP/IIL supernovae interacting with recent episodic mass ejections from their presupernova stars with MESA & SNEC
Phase Plane Analysis of the Photometrical Variations of Long-Period Variables
The Kepler Eclipsing Binary V2281 Cygni with Twin Stars
A young contracting white dwarf in the peculiar binary HD 49798/RX J0648.0–4418? (Anm.: HD 49798 = AAVSO 0645-44)
The Foundation Supernova Survey: Motivation, Design, Implementation, and First Data Release
Multiple, short-lived „stellar prominences“ on the O giant ξ Persei: a magnetic star?
Testing the photometric stability of BRITE-Constellation
Stellar flares observed in long cadence data from the Kepler mission


PGP-Fingerprint: 1E72 BFA1 0B12 168B 2DE0 9508 116E F5E9 DD86 77B1


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