astro-ph vom 2017-11-07

Observations of SN 2015F suggest a correlation between the intrinsic luminosity of Type Ia supernovae and the shape of their light curves >900 days after explosion
About ionization zones remaining after supernovae explosions
Probing the structure of Kepler ZZ Ceti stars with full evolutionary models-based asteroseismology
Recurrent novae and long-term evolution of mass-accreting white dwarfs — toward the accurate mass retention efficiency
Far-UV HST Spectroscopy of An Unusual Hydrogen Poor Superluminous Supernova: SN2017egm
Noise Sources in Photometry and Radial Velocities
An Estimation of the White Dwarf Mass in the Dwarf Nova GK Persei with NuSTAR Observations of Two States
Optical flickering of the symbiotic star CH Cyg
Discovery of radio emission from the symbiotic X-ray binary system GX 1+4 (Anm.: GX 1+4 = V2116 Oph)
An Introduction to Data Analysis in Asteroseismology
Evolution of post-Accretion Induced Collapse Binaries: the Effect of Evaporation


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