astro-ph vom 2017-03-22

Super-AGB Stars and their role as Electron Capture Supernova progenitors
Initial Estimates on the Performance of the LSST on the Detection of Eclipsing Binaries
The ALMA Early Science View of FUor/EXor objects. III. The Slow and Wide Outflow of V883 Ori
Rotation of Late-Type Stars in Praesepe with K2
On the discovery of K I 7699 A line strength variation during the 1982 – 1984 eclipse of Epsilon Aurigae
HI emission from the red giant Y CVn with the VLA and FAST
The viscous decretion disk model of the classical Be star β CMi revisited
Revealing the structure of the outer disks of Be stars
Evolution of clustered supernovae


PGP-Fingerprint: 1E72 BFA1 0B12 168B 2DE0 9508 116E F5E9 DD86 77B1


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