astro-ph vom 2016-02-25

Jets launched at magnetar birth cannot be ignored
(Anm.: „I question models for powering super energetic supernovae (SESNe) with a magnetar central engine that do not include jets that are expected to be launched by the magnetar progenitor. …“)
Stable and Unstable Regimes of Mass Accretion onto RW Aur A
Understanding discs in binary YSOs: detailed modelling of VV CrA
The 2015 super-active state of recurrent nova T CrB and the long term evolution after the 1946 outburst
Measuring A Truncated Disk in Aquila X-1
(Anm.: Aquila X-1 = V1333 Aql)

Searching for spectroscopic binaries within transition disk objects



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