astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-12-19

Supernovae in paired galaxies
NuSTAR and Swift observations of the fast rotating magnetized white dwarf AE Aquarii
The eclipsing post-common envelope binary CSS21055: a white dwarf with a probable brown-dwarf companion
X-ray observations of VY Scl type nova-like binaries in the high and low state
HT Cas – eclipsing dwarf nova during its superoutburst in 2010
STEREO/HI and Optical Observations of the Classical Nova V5583 Sagittarii
Probing the models: Abundances for high-mass stars in binaries
Are Superluminous Supernovae Powered By Collision Or By Millisecond Magnetars?

Dynamical resonance locking in tidally interacting binary systems
Brown Dwarf Photospheres are Patchy: A Hubble Space Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Survey Finds Frequent Low-level Variability



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