astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-12-17

The Type IIb Supernova 2013df and Its Cool Supergiant Progenitor
The Hercules-Lyra Association revisited New age estimation and multiplicity study
(Anm.: HH Leo und weitere werden erwähnt. U.a. Tabelle 9)
Dust Production and Particle Acceleration in Supernova 1987A Revealed with ALMA
The surface nitrogen abundance of a massive star in relation to its oscillations, rotation, and magnetic field
(Anm.: „The additional seven observed variables considered here are their surface nitrogen abundance, rotational frequency, magnetic field strength, and the amplitude and frequency of their dominant acoustic and gravity mode of oscillation.“)
On the hadronic cascade scenario for extreme BL Lacs
Pulsating red giant stars in eccentric binary systems discovered from Kepler space-based photometry

Evaluating Gyrochronology on the Zero-Age-Main-Sequence: Rotation Periods in the Southern Open Cluster Blanco 1 from the KELT-South Survey
CANFAR+Skytree: A Cloud Computing and Data Mining System for Astronomy
Focus Demo: CANFAR+Skytree: A Cloud Computing and Data Mining System for Astronomy
Propagating Linear Waves in Convectively Unstable Stellar Models: a Perturbative Approach
Triggered star formation in a molecular shell created by a SNR?



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