astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-30

Pulsation of magnetic stars
Variable rotational line broadening in the Be star Achernar
(Anm.: Achernar = alpha Eri = NSV 15353)

The Morphology and Dynamics of Jet-Driven Supernova Remnants: the Case of W49B
The orbits of subdwarf-B + main-sequence binaries. II. Three eccentric systems; BD+29 3070, BD +34 1543 and Feige 87
A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: theoretical considerations



astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-27

High resolution simulations of the head-on collision of white dwarfs
Discovery of an extended X-ray jet in AP Librae
A Combined Astrometric and Spectroscopic Study of Metal-Poor Binaries
Orbital Parameters for the Two Young Binaries VSB 111 and VSB 126

Abundance Profiling of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars and Supernova Properties in the Early Universe
Spatial distributions of core-collapse supernovae in infrared-bright galaxies
The helical jet of IGR J11014-6103: echoes of a core-collapse supernova
Radio Detection of A Candidate Neutron Star Associated with Galactic Center Supernova Remnant Sagittarius A East


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-26

The hard X-ray behavior of Aql X-1 during type-I bursts
(Anm.: Aql X-1 = V1333 Aql)
Direct evidence for a supernova interacting with a large amount of hydrogen-free circumstellar material
On the new late B- and early A-type periodic variable stars

A new technique of discovering red supergiants in nearby galaxies with mid-IR photometry
A Precision Multi-Band Two-Epoch Photometric Catalog of 44 Million Sources in the Northern Sky from Combination of the USNO-B and Sloan Digital Sky Survey Catalogs
Supernovae as probes of cosmic parameters: estimating the bias from under-dense lines of sight


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-25

Mode selection in pulsating stars
Order and chaos in hydrodynamic BL Her models
A reconnaissance of the possible donor stars to the Kepler supernova
Photometry Using Kepler „Superstamps“ of Open Clusters NGC 6791 & NGC 6819
The early-type near-contact binary system V337 Aql revisited
Pulsations in the Late-type B Supergiant Star HD 202850

Neutrinos from collapsars
Numerical simulations of composite supernova remnants for small $σ$ pulsar wind nebulae
Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the BL Lac object PKS 0301-243 with H.E.S.S
Stellar mass-loss near the Eddington limit. Tracing the sub-photospheric layers of classical Wolf-Rayet stars


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-24

A Significantly Low CO Abundance Toward the TW Hya Protoplanetary Disk: A Path to Active Carbon Chemistry?
BRITE-Constellation: Nanosatellites for Precision Photometry of Bright Stars
The chemically controlled synthesis of dust in type II-P supernovae
VVV Survey Near-Infrared Photometry of Known Bulge RR Lyrae stars: the Distance to the Galactic Center and Absence of a Barred Distribution of the Metal-Poor Population

Supernova neutrinos and nucleosynthesis
Magnetic fields in beta Cep, SPB, and Be stars
Thermal X-ray Spectra of Supernova Remnants


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-23

Using the Palomar Transient Factory to Search for Ultra-Long-Period Cepheid Candidates in M31
PO and PN in the wind of the oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tau
An interferometric view on binarity and circumstellar envelopes of Cepheids
Periodic and Aperoidic Variability in the Molecular Cloud ρOphiuchus
What is the difference? Blazhko and non-Blazhko RRab stars and the special case of V123 in M3
The smooth cyclotron line in Her X-1 as seen with NuSTAR
(Anm.: Her X-1 = HZ Her)


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-19 und 2013-09-20

The Pulsation-Rotation Interaction: Greatest Hits and the B-Side
GYRE: A New Open-Source Stellar Oscillation Code
Hubble Space Telescope and Ground-Based Observations of the Type Iax Supernovae SN 2005hk and SN 2008A
Characterizing the variability of Melotte 111 Av 1224: a new variable star in the Coma Berenices open cluster
Strömgren photometry and medium-resolution spectroscopy of some $δ$ Scuti and $γ$ Doradus in the Kepler field
Detection of an outburst one year prior to the explosion of SN 2011ht
The Araucaria Project : the Baade-Wesselink projection factor of pulsating stars
Kepler RR Lyrae stars: beyond period doubling
The Mid-Infrared Light Curve of Nearby Core-Collapse Supernova SN2011dh (PTF11eon)
Pulsations as a mass-loss trigger in evolved hot stars
A multi-wavelength view of AB Dor’s outer atmosphere – Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy at high cadence
Re-appearance of McNeil’s nebula (V1647 Orionis) and its outburst environment
The origin of the tilted disk in the low mass X-ray binary GR Mus (XB 1254-690)
Radiative accretion shocks along nonuniform stellar magnetic fields in classical T Tauri stars

Interpreting Near Infrared Hydrogen Line Ratios in T Tauri Stars
The Wide-Field Near Infrared Data: Optimal Photometry in Crowded Fields
Observing supernova neutrino light curve in future dark matter detectors
Constraining the primordial power spectrum from SNIa lensing dispersion


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-18

Rapidly Fading Supernovae from Massive Star Explosions
Pulsation and Mass Loss Across the HR Diagram: From OB stars to Cepheids to Red Supergiants
Long-term polarization observations of Mira variable stars suggest asymmetric structures
Are RRab stars fully radial?
On the progenitor of the Type IIP SN 2013ej in M74
The first month of evolution of the slow rising type II-P SN 2013ej in M74
Preliminary Analysis of ULPC Light Curves Using Fourier Decomposition Technique
CoRoT target HD 51844: a delta Scuti star in a binary system with periastron brightening
The fundamental parameters of the roAp star 10 Aql
(Anm.: 10 Aql = V1286 Aql)

Neutrino-pair emission from nuclear de-excitation in core-collapse supernova simulations
Are Wolf-Rayet stars able to pollute the interstellar medium of galaxies? Results from the integral field spectroscopy


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-17

A Wolf in Sheepskin: Extraordinary Supernova 2012au Veiled Behind Ordinary Radio Emission
X Ray Detection of GJ 581 and simultaneous UV Observations
(Anm.: GJ 581 = HO Lib)
Precise mass and spin measurements for a stellar-mass black hole through X-ray timing: the case of GRO J1655-40
(Anm.: J1655-40 = V1033 Sco)
A Further Study of Superoutbursts and Superhumps in SU UMa Stars by the Kepler Light Curves of V1504 Cygni and V344 Lyrae
Main-sequence progenitor configurations of the NN Ser candidate circumbinary planetary system are dynamically unstable
Asteroseismology of fast-rotating stars: the example of alpha Ophiuchi
H-alpha observations of the gamma-ray-emitting Be/X-ray binary LSI+61303: orbital modulation, disk truncation, and long-term variability (Anm.: LSI+61303 = V615 Cas)
Blazhko effect in Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars
Bisector analysis of RR Lyrae: atmosphere dynamics at different phases
The Deflagration Stage of Chandrasekhar Mass Models For Type Ia Supernovae: I. Early Evolution


astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2013-09-16

Photometry of Variable Stars from Dome A, Antarctica: Results from the 2010 Observing Season
Hydrogen Burning on Accreting White Dwarfs: Stability, Recurrent Novae, and the Post-Novae Supersoft Source
Distance determination from the Cepheids and RR Lyrae period-luminosity relations
The Close Binary Properties of Massive Stars in the Milky Way and Low-Metallicity Magellanic Clouds
Constraining nova observables: direct measurements of resonance strengths in 33S(p,γ)34Cl

Very Wide Binary Stars as the Primary Source of Stellar Collisions in the Galaxy
Basic Parameter Estimation of Binary Neutron Star Systems by the Advanced LIGO/Virgo Network